ABout Factory Fresh

Where Are We:
As of October 2012, we will no longer host a public space, instead we are working with our artist on a larger global scale. As our artist careers have grown so have their opportunities. We have found they and many other artist need our help to protect their rights and future careers as artists. Factory Fresh advises and consults corporate clients and private collectors as an advocate for the artists bringing urban art to their collections and projects.

New Art Works:
This site will continue to sell new art and recently shown works at other venues by our artist in our inventory. Our blog will keep you updated on the careers of our artists and other artist we currently are working with.

Bushwick Art Park & Art Shows:
Factory Fresh will continue to work on the Bushwick Art Park at the original location, as well as develop/curate satellite shows in NYC and hopefully around the world.

Our History:
From 2008-2012, Factory Fresh was a commercial gallery space located in East Williamsburg/Bushwick at 1053 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Our aim was to push the art boundaries further bringing the latest art works from the freshest artists around the globe while always staying ahead of the trends. With a focus on our current culture and the urban art we see in our cities. The original creators of Factory Fresh, Ali Ha and Ad Deville former owners of Orchard Street Art Gallery in Manhattan's Lower East Side have shown the art of themselves and the art of fellow artist they meet in the global street art scene and in the NYC community.

Many people consider their gallery to be the first and only street art gallery during their time on Orchard Street. After running commercial art galleries for the past 9 years with spaces open to the public we have decide to expand by focusing on art dealing and the expansion of artists by creating a larger network. To do this we currently will no longer have a public permanent space.

Contact Us:

We are available for private appointments and consults, please contact ali@factoryfresh.net for availability.

General information or questions, please contact info@factoryfresh.net.

Please send site specific art & performance show proposals & suggestions to submissions@factoryfresh.net.

For press information please contact ali@factoryfresh.net

To purchase or pick up art please contact ali@factoryfresh.net
or call 917.682.6753. Artwork ships within two weeks of purchase.

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Photo by Plaztik Mag taken at Factory Fresh, May 2011. See more of Mimzy & JMZS Smith's work>